Sample – Admission SOP (USA)

1. Sample – MS in Mechanical Engineering (USA)

All throughout history, people have been inventing and building devices, instruments, and machines in order to improve the conditions of life, which all come under the broad umbrella of mechanical engineering. My areas of interest are CAD/CAM and Manufacturing, with my ultimate goal being able to develop affordable devices to help the farmers of the world. I got the opportunity to delve more into the topic of turbine blades and its manufacturing process. This helped further increase my prowess in Designing blade operations.

I started looking for courses at the graduate level that offer a well-balanced combination of conceptual knowledge as well as practical hands-on opportunities. The particular feature of the course offered in which design is given due importance has also driven my decision to pursue the course. The University curriculum is planned to allow me to explore the field outside the classroom through participation in internships, research, and independent work.

The subjects and work related to automation, smart engineering, and industrialization shall bolster my competitiveness for working at these firms. I request you optimistically evaluate my application and honor me with the opportunity to pursue the esteemed program.

2. Sample – MS Microbiology (U.S.A)

Having pursued a career in science, my desire to pursue a career in a related field seems unfathomable at best. But my desire and need to become a valuable part of this field in the past four years, have intensified to the extent of my reading everything I have been able to find on this subject. A fascination with the mysterious world of microbes, allowed me to choose Microbiology as my undergraduate major. Bachelor in Microbiology exposed me to both pure and applied fields thus inculcating analytical, logical, and reasoning abilities.

Biotechnology is one of the most exciting fields today. An integrated science having applications in health and medicine, agriculture, and animal husbandry, as well as in the environment has had a growth rate of around 24% since the turn of the century. Having acquired an in-depth knowledge of pure sciences such as Microbiology for the past four years, a graduate program with a specialization in Applied Microbiology (Biotechnology) would give me insight into the technical and managerial aspects of the same disciplines like Biological Sciences, Management, and Law, and it emphasizes on studying from altogether a different perspective.

A Master’s degree would be a stepping stone toward my long-term goal of making use of my knowledge and learning for the betterment of my country. Researching colleges on the web I found out how up-to-date your facilities are and the opportunities for learning and self-growth provided by the university. Considering various aspects of my persona, I strongly believe that I am all set to confront any challenge that higher studies would throw at me. A Professional Master’s Program, with its unique diversities, would make me complete with regard to my educational dreams and would also assist in pursuing my dream of studying in the U.S. It would be an honor and an opportunity of a lifetime if I could be part of your university.

Thank you for your consideration.

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