Refusal SOP (Justification)

Justification SOP (Refusal SOP)

One of the toughest phases during the Canada Study dream is visa rejection. Many times your Canada study dream comes to hold due to visa rejection. Yes, it is a very harsh call from the visa officer but you need to write a justification / Letter of explanation when you need to counter-argue the visa officer’s comment on your rejection with logical reasoning and supporting facts. Most of the students’ visas were rejected below ground

Most of the students’ visas were rejected below ground

1. The purpose of the visit is not clear

2. You will not leave Canada after a temporary stay

3. Low language proficiency

4. Chosen program is not justified by your current educational background and future career goal

5. You have a low/poor academic, study is not consistence. Having more backlog and study gap for a long period of time

6. The level of the establishment to fund education is not sufficient to sponsor your stay in canada

Above are the simplified reasons that most students will find in their rejection letter and for the specific reason you can apply for a CAPIS note. However, understanding the reason and working on that before applying again is what makes your chances higher to get a visa on further application. While justifying the letter below points are important to elaborate

1. Purpose of Visit:–

The most common reason often students received the letter is this. It is so crucial that alone explanation of this will satisfy the visa officer to grant you a visa. So in case you face earlier rejection, make sure that there is a detailed explanation of the purpose of your visit to Canada.

2. Not intended to Leave Canada:–

Many times students have expressed their plan to start a job immediately after study completion and that leads visa officers to doubt their willingness to go back to their home country. Also, the visa officer expects that you mention your family and home ties in SOP so your profile is evaluated in that way.

3. Low Language Proficiency:–

Canada has started two categories for visa applications. One is the SDS category where a bare minimum of 6.0 bands are required in each module of the IELTS test. The other is Non- SDS category where 5.5 bands in one module of the IELTS test is accepted for admission purpose. Many times due to a lack of awareness or wrong information students apply for a visa even 5.5 in 2 or more than 2 modules and sometimes even with 5.0 Bands students are placing files which leads to rejection. It is always recommended to apply for a study visa with at least 6.0 bands in each section.

4. Wrong Course Selection:–

Many times you chose a program for further study in Canada that is not aligned with your current education and which is a big mistake in the application. You need to always ensure that the correct program selection will only make the better prospects to get the visa. Also, it will serve you to make a successful career for the rest of your life.

5. Poor Academic / Backlog / Study Gap:–

The key argument to explain this point is to accept having poor academics or many backlogs with a plan/surety to improve for further study. If you have a poor academic that’s absolutely fine as long as you admit it and make a commitment to improve your score with meticulous work for upcoming academics. Also, many times students apply with a forged document to hide their study gap and it is the very wrong approach because the more wrong information present in your application makes it weaker.

6. Financial Stability:–

Sometimes due to unfavorable circumstances, students will not be able to arrange sufficient funds and as a result, the visa officer makes his decision on this ground. Studying in Canada is definitely expensive compared to studying in the home country but you need to understand that funds also play a role in securing a hassle-free study and accommodation in Canada which include variation segments like home rent, food, transportation, and others. Our recommendation is to wisely apply only to ensuring the necessary fund availability.

Why Us

We at the writing advisory service know the pain and pressure you will go through after the visa rejection and as a result we make our process very friendly where students can interact with us and open their hearts out. In this way, we understand the complete student profile before start drafting their justification. During this entire process, we ensure that you can connect with us at any time and put your query so we can resolve it in the most systematic manner. While writing a student explanation letter we ensure the latest reject reasons are well mentioned in the document and justified with all detail, valid thinking, and logical career progression. Till Date many students took our service after their earlier visa rejection and we are proud to say that we delivered our work with honesty and dedication as a result we bring make smiles to our student’s faces by successfully receiving visa approval for their further study.

Refusal Visa SOP FAQ’S

Why was my study visa got rejected?

There are many reasons which may lead to your study visa rejection. A few of the most common reasons are as follows:

1. Failed to make established Home ties and not justifying on willingness to return back to home after completing the study program.
2. Low academic/ Fake documents like mark sheets, job experiences, Pay slips, and company offer letters.
3. Poor Language Proficiency Test Score in IELTS/PTE/Duolingo.
4. Lack of motivation for further study.
5. Not sufficient funds to study abroad.

Can I apply for a visa 2nd time after my first visa refusal?

Yes, you can apply for 2nd time for a visa but ensure, you study the the reason why your visa got rejected and justify your purpose of visit with justification sop.

Is it possible, that I can get a visa after my refusal of visa in 1st attempt?

Yes, very much, you can get a visa if you satisfy all requirements of Canadian immigration and convince the visa officer of your visit to Canada

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