8 Reasons Why Your Canada Study Visa Got Rejected

canada study visa rejection reasons

8 Reasons Why Your Canada Study Visa Got Rejected

Canada has become such a preferred Study Destination for all international students and especially for Indian prospective students who dream to study from top Universities / Colleges from Canada and achieve their career goals. Currently, few campus droves most of the students attending are Quebec Montreal Campus and South Campus at Windsor. Apart from this World famous Universities name a few like the University of Toronto, McGill University, Ottawa University, Western University and many more with their superior education quality, friendly environment, World-Class study infrastructure, Earning opportunities while learning, Career Guidance from a number of famous personality around the globe, a family of various culture and a career turning point make Canada an ideal study destination for their international Students.

Last two or three years Canada witness an increase in Indian Students Enrollment in a Canadian college. In 2017 approximately 82990 visas were granted to Indian students, while in 2019 that number stood up to 139000 close to 70% more compared to 2017 and in the coming years, this number will only rise more and more. Also, in 2019 around 4 lacs of study visas were granted globally for Canada and out of these Indians, students share a 34.5% visa approval globally for Canada Study followed by Chinese Students who stood to 21%. last years

These numbers are so encouraging for Indian students that now more students compared to last years apply for Canada Study Visa. The current surge in total visa application leads the Canadain Immigration department to tighten their Visa granting process more meticulously hence they are now scrutinized applicant application more precisely before approving their Visa. The action leads to more visa rejections compare to earlier years. Below is the image that shows how the visa rejection rate increasing continuously for Canada Study visa.

As we can see that in 2019 total visa rejection rate was close to 40%, hence it can be interpreted like this that 4 out of 10 applications were faced with rejection. Now questions will arise that though Canada visa immigration process is friendly that why the visa rejection rate constantly increases for the students.

The answer is complicated because the officers seek basic answers like (a few examples)

1. what is the applicant main purpose?

2. Has applicants is capable to support during his / her graduation time?

3. Is the applicant is a genuine student?

4. Is the applicant has proficiency in English?

And many more.

All the above questions Immigrant officers can get from your Statement of Purpose (SOP). A single most important document in entire your application process. Remember your Visa Approval largely depends on your SOP only. A poorly written sop will lead to shatter your Canada study dream. So it is important for you to write SOP in a most structural manner that help officer to answer what he/she is looking for.

For your better understanding, I am enlisting various reasons that stopped you from getting Canada study visa and they are as follow

1. The Applicant will not leave Canada after his temporary stay. (the most common reason for your visa rejection)

2. The applicant is not genuine. (Missing mark sheet / supporting document, Study gap more than acceptable)

3. The applicant Study program is irrelevant. ( The course selection is not aligned with applicant past study)

4. Not meeting the Language proficiency level ( IELTS / PTE / TOEFL) set by university / College.

(a. for SDS Category 6 band in each module is required. b, for Non-SDS category 5.5 band max. 2 module is allowed. If the applicant applies with less than required band the possibility of visa rejection is very high

5. The applicant financial background is week. ( Lack of financial supporting document in the application process)

6. The applicant applies for a visa without having an enrollment offer letter from University / College.

7. The applicant failed to establish the employment opportunity in the home country.

8. Travel history questionable.

The above mentions reasons are the most common on which your application get rejections.

Make a note that the reason may vary depends on applicant overall profile. For the applicant, it is important for him to apply as per guidelines after only achieving minimum language proficiency and strong financial backup. Also, applicant need to submit his all document with strong SOP.

A strong sop will definitely make your life easy and increase your chance for Visa. Here I have pasted one comparison between Good SOP and Bad SOP.


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