Spouse Visa SOP (Dependent)

Spouse Visa SOP (Dependent SOP)

Many times, in the search for a better future and purposeful life, either husband or wife decides to study in Canada which leaves another life partner to stay in India till he or she who went to Canada settles down and adjusts to the situation and surrounding and makes a necessary arrangement. Canada immigration knows the importance of couples staying together for their married life as a result they allow spouses to enter Canada with an open work permit. To reunite with a life partner it is important for the spouse to write an application for a Dependent visa for his visit purpose. Since it is a special requirement where a spouse has to prove how his visits will be beneficial for his wife’s education and how he can support her during the study period.

To make dependent SOP viable below point one must add before application with a detailed explanation.

1. Confirmation of relationship with your lifetime and include marriage certificate, marriage duration, and kid(s) status if any.
2. Make a clear on what values will you add once you will go to Canada and reunite with your spouse.
3. Add the current Education status of your spouse there in Canada with residential proof.
4. Financial Status and how your temporally visit to Canada will be supported
5. Most importantly, how relationships will grow each other in times away from your home country.

Why Us

We at the writing advisory service, understand the beautiful relationship of a couple and how important for their life. We have interacted with my students who are married here (some have kids) and know their daily struggles and how the support of spouses in a completely different country will help them. Over a period of time, people find it very helpful once their life partners are with them. It actually helped them to grow as a couple. With noble thought, we recommend you stay with your life partner is very important and we ensure this transition period will be really fruitful for you.


What is a spouse visa SOP?

It is required when you want to move with your life partner to Canada. It is never easy to justify it by just expressing your wish, but you need to submit many documents like a marriage certificate, personal information, the current status of your spouse in Canada and much more in order to just established your relationship is true and genuine. Along with this, you one more document known as a spouse visa sop you need to submit. The document has so much power that, it can show all the minute detail of the relationship in front of the visa officer to determine your entry and unit with your loved ones in Canada.

What value it will add to this?

It is really important, as this letter will let to express the true relationship between you as a couple and allow you to stay with your spouse in Canada.

Critical information to add on spouse visa SOP?

Below is the critical information that you need to add to this document

1. Important date and document – like marriage date, marriage certificate, bank detail for common account

2. Detail Relation status Explanation – How your relationship is currently going and how it will be more strong once you will land in Canada and stay with your spouse.

3. Spouse’s current address, status as a student, performance in study

4. Financial Status

5. What value it will add once you live with your spouse – clearly informed and expressed how a relationship will greatly improve by staying to gather. How you will support in his/ her study

6. No grammatical errors and proofread

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