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That one job in our dream company is one of the biggest dreams of aspirants like us but more often, candidates find it difficult to crack the interview. In a simple manner, a candidate is not aware of how to prepare for an interview. Also, the preparation for any interview is a time-consuming process that requires hard work, resilience, and dedication. Also cracking an interview is not all about technical knowledge or domain-specific knowledge but it also requires soft skills, administrative awareness, communication skills and non-technical understanding

Here is the list of top interview questions that gives an opportunity to you to showcase your talent and make the most of it.

1. Take me through your academic / Professional journey. What are your current role responsibilities? Tell me about yourself

2. Why do you want to change your current job? / Why you are changing your job very frequently?

3. What are the top two / three skills you believe are key to success in this new position

4. Why you are the best candidate for this role? / Why we should hire you?

5. What is your expectation from this position/company?

6. Which is the most challenging project you have completed in your professional career? Tell me what key learning from this?

7. How you can solve the problem given in this company, what will be your approach?

8. Have you ever been criticized for your work?

9. What is your career goal? Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?

10. Are you planning to learn a new skill? And if yes then what are those?

Below is the list the lists of a few non-technical questions for an interview

1. How did you manage this interview today?

2. What your manager / Colleague will say about you?

3. What are your salary expectations?

4. Our budget is 20% of your current salary, will you ok with this hike?

5. How you will support ensuring the company’s ethics, values, and objectives are sustained in the company?


Writing a professional email requires attention to detail and clarity. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Address the Person with an Appropriate Title:-

Address a Man with Mr. and a female with Ms / Mrs.

2. Pay Attention to the Subject Line:-

Setting the right tone and using the appropriate themes are key, “One of the top mistakes people make is forgetting to write a subject line, or giving a misleading subject”.

3. Avoid Slang and Jargon:-

Though some smartphone users key in lines like excuse typos and brevity, slang, and casual words should be strictly avoided regardless of the mode of communication.

4. Keep it Crisp:-

Shorter, crisper lines and getting to the point faster are important as most people read emails on their phones. “Place the most important message towards the start. Don’t overcomplicate the message, and cut everything down to the bone”.

5. Watch the Tone:-

A lot depends on who the recipient is and the choice of words and greetings conveys one’s tone and emotions. The last notes and sign-offs say a lot about oneself. Be aware of emotions. Reflect on how this will be interpreted by the recipient and restrict the use of the upper case.

6. Highlight if Necessary:-

It helps to indicate if you need a response. At times, people want to know whether they really need to read your email and if they have to respond. Use ‘reply all’ judiciously and avoid long email trails in case of an argument. In any case, “it’s better to pick up the phone, talk and resolve matters”.

How to Connect with College or University Authority
(Admission Application Status)

The admission process is long and tiresome for students, and the biggest worry for students is to know the current status of their admission to a university/ college. However, there is always a way to connect with the admission authority and you have all right to know the current status. Here is a simple yet effective template that you may use while inquiring about your admission status.

Dear Sir/ Madam/ Admission Officer,

Greetings! I just wanted to send a short note inquiring about the status of my application.

Would you please help me or forward this email to the concerned person?

My details are as follows:
Student Identification Number:- XXXXXXXX
Date of Birth:- mm/dt/year
Program Applied For:– XXXXX
Semester Applied For:– fall / Spring XXX
The application was sent on:- mm/dd/year
Classification:- International Graduate Applicant

Best Regards,
Student Name
Student ID: XXXXX

I would highly appreciate it if you could please let me know my application status and if any documents are missing.

Waiting for your positive response

Have a nice Day


One of the big questions, today many professionals have is about their progress in their careers. Yes, it is very tough and sometimes impossible to make or conclude what needs to be done to achieve all the heights in a career. Many times youth are so depressed about their career that they choose the wrong path, eventually making their career very glum. Many factors play a crucial role to have a successful career over some time but at the same time, it is important to measure it. It is never easy to analyze whether a career is at a peak at this moment or not, but there should be clarity of thought on how to measure career progress as an individual. It is challenging to measure because of the complexity related to it and for an individual the parameter of success is different. For someone successful career means a stable job to achieve a significant milestone in a short career or start your own company or become a leader in big companies, or guide young minds to their success. Hence it is always better to make our indicator to measure career progress which satisfies you over some

Below are the few parameters which help you to decide on your career progress and make your own decision on how close you are in your journey to a successful career goal.

1. Define and track your KPI – KPI may be anything it is annual salary growth or promotion every 3 years or leadership position in five years or stable job with a work-life balance, or working for more than ten hours in a day. It’s magnificent to have a basic KPI at the beginning as you will gain some experience change accordingly and make it tangible and real.

2. SWOT Analysis –  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats are the most important criteria for an individual to measure career progress over the years and make progress in it. It seems easy to make a list but it isn’t easy to mark it and then improve it. As the dynamics of the skills are getting changed very rapidly, it is necessary to make an impactful move by ensuring the current and future requirements of the job.

3. SMART Goal –   Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bonding are key components while creating your goal. Once you can list down all your short-term and long-term goals, you need to set clear expectations from the goal outcome in both tangible benefits and non-tangible.

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