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The countries like the USA, Germany, the UK, Italy, and South Korea, and Known Universities in Canada, Australia, and many others often ask students to submit personal statements of purpose for admission purposes. The Sop consists of your academic as well as a career goal, the purpose in life, and the way to achieve them in order to maintain harmony between personal and professional career progress. The admission committee members evaluate students’ profiles on the grounds of academic credentials, Competitive exam scores like the GRE, and GMAT, language proficiency scores like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE, professional experiences, and passion to make a difference in their chosen field. Normally SOP ranges from 1000 to 1050 words typically 2-page sop is sufficient to elaborate all aspects of about you.

Writing a personal Statement is a time taking the task, so never ever try to do it in a day. The best way of it is to break it into small paragraphs and then draft it one paragraph at a time. The below points are important to add with a detailed explanation

1. Course importance
2. Establish academic credential to apply for University
3. Support document of Professional career progress
4. Passion for chosen program
5. Career Objectives Details
6. Willingness to give back to society with good work


We at the writing advisory service have helped hundreds of students to get admission to their dream universities. Our Admission SOPs are very specific for each student as per their curriculum preference and university selection. We believe that admission sop must be unique like each one of you are unique and it justifies why you are the best amongst others for the same disciple. Our motive is to make a positive trustworthy relationship between you and us so the execution of work is even better for you. A few of the popular courses where students are taking our services are master in Computer Science, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Management of System Information, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, MS in Petroleum, Engineering Management, Master in Design, Masters in Mechanical, Business Analytics, Masters in Construction Management, and many others from various popular universities like UT Dallas, University of Texas, Arlington, New York University, Arizona State University, Birmingham City University, University of Bristol, Coventry University, St. Cloud State University, University of Massachusetts Boston, Dongseo University and many more.

Below are the critical checkpoint need to check in SOP before applying for Admission

1. Follow University Guideline for SOP
2. Consistency in Language tone
3. Proof Reading
4. Avoid Grammatical error
5. No Plagiarized content
6. Correct information about education, and professional career
7. Word limit as per University Requirement

By ensuring the above mention point, you will definitely make a good statement of purpose which will help you to secure admission to your choice of university.


Along with the good profile of students, Admission SOP plays an important role while determining their admission into University. The authority critically evaluates your profile with an intention of what you will bring to university while studying there. So it is important for you to make a clear intention of how your admission will benefit to university in terms of participating in the cultural fest, and tech events, contributing to existing and new research and innovation, respecting all communities and different religions, and more. The well-written good statement will definitely make you stand out amongst the other applications.


Are Visa SOP and Admission SOP both are same?

Broadly both are different and require different purposes.

Admission SOP – Usually university committee evaluates your profile on the basis of academic performance, professional experiences, career objectives with a course, and eligibility to study at the university assessed. Based on that admission will be granted.

Visa SOP – The county higher rank officer, determined the eligibility, value, and worth you will bring to their country before granting a visa to allow you to enter their country.

Can I make one SOP and submit it to all universities where I am applying for admission?

Normally, SOP is written in such a way that justifies your academic and connects it with your future proposed program and career goal. Therefore it is really important to align everything in place before applying to a different university. Many times students apply for a similar program at multiple universities. In such a scenario, they need to change the university name, and country name and make suitable corrections and apply with the same sop.

What should be the length of the Admission SOP?

As such there is no bar on word limit, however normally it ranges between 950 to 1100 words approx. 2 pages.

Should I take professional expert help to write a Admission SOP?

Ideally, a sop should be written by an individual as this is one of the most important documents which determines admission. Many times students find it difficult to present their idea in a readable and justify format in such case expert should be hired so they can make your sip worth it.

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