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Letter of Recommendation(LOR)

Letter of Recommendation (LOR), many well-known universities from the USA, UK, Germany, and other parts of the world, ask students to submit LOR along with admission SOP. It requires checking and confirming the student’s eligibility and established credentials to get admission to the University. Many times students’ failed to understand what the LOR is for their admission as a result not well prepared LOR to provide to an authority that potentially dents admission prospects in the competitive environment.

What is LOR?

Basically, LOR (Letter of Recommendation) is a letter duly provided by either your College / University / School Principal or Department of Head or Professor or Project guide or Company manager in case of the candidate is working and assures University on behalf of you about your academic credential as well as how you as students’ will help the university to expand more and beyond their imagination through your research, academic and social work. For the admission process, University will ask for either 2 or a maximum of 3 LOR and to ensure you get admission the said requirement of the university has to follow to boost your admission prospects.

Below are the points that must add to LOR

1. Detail of your professor, including their research work summary, mail id, and contact information.

2. Subjects or project summary which you have completed under him.

3. Justify your admission appropriateness as a genuine student.

Ideally, LOR should not be more than 1 page or a maximum of 600 words

Why Us

We at the writing advisory service know equally the importance of LOR same like SOP and craft it in such a way that the detailed explanation like the student-professor relationship and your testimonial as students established very crisp and clear. We ensure every aspect of you as a student comes out very well during the admission application. We have written LOR for many universities like UT Dallas, University of Ottawa, NYIT, California University, and many more.


What is LOR full form?

LOR’s full description is a Letter of Recommendation.

How many LOR do i need to submit for my admission?

During the admission process, many universities are informed on how many LOR they are looking for. Most of the time, it is either 2 or 3.

What should be the length of LOR require?

LOR is very specific and it can be completed in a single page. Around 450 to 500 words.

Who can write LOR?

Normally, LOR is written either by a university professor, HOD, Dean, Principal, school teacher, Team Leader, Company owner, or Manager to ensure the university on-behalf of you about your credential as a future student.

What do i need to add in LOR?

You need to ensure that, it is a summary explanation for the brief period where you were associated with a particular person and how you did perform with/under that during that period. You need to add your learning and positive traits.

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