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In India, there are more than 1 million bloggers who write regularly and share their thought, interest, and opinion. However, more than millions want to be a blogger or at least want to try one by publishing their blog. Blogging is a wonderful hobby and an amazing way to improve your writing. Blogging is an easy way to publish your work online and there are a handful of hosts where you can go online, one of these is blogger power by Google.

The best part of blogging is that it can be on anything in which you have an interest like you can an outline on making a delicious Mexican dish, capturing awesome photos in night mode, or how to crack competitive examples or places to visit in India in summer, winter or which county is best for aboard study. In short, you need to research it, collect relevant information, and then put all your though into proper useful words and publish it.

Blogging will improve 4 skills in you to stand out from others

1. Boost your writing proficiency:-

It is never easy to write what you think but continuous blogging will certainly improve your writing skill. The fun fact is that publishing a blog is required on an avg. 4 hr. so be calm and have patience while creating your 1st blog. Always remember that with practice you will definitely make a difference and reach to a wider audience in the long term.

2. Build a Portfolio:–

Regular blogging will definitely help you to get noticed by the readers. A study shows that you will get a high chance of as many as 3 times if you published approx. 16 blogs in a month compared to 4 blogs in a month during the same period. Regular posting will make a reader base which eventually helps you to make a good portfolio.

3. Improve Research and Analytical Skills:–

It is never easy to make a good blog that appeals audience. It will take a lot of effort in research related to the topic. Also, it will add a wing to your analytical understanding. Good research will help you to collect well-rounded information about the subjects which makes your blog more readable.

4. Upgrade Domain-Specific Knowledge:–

Blog writing will definitely give you a rich experience that not only improve your writing skill but it will add important aspect about the topic i.e. knowledge building and sharing with others.

Definitely, publishing a blog will help you to generate a passive income but it will take time. You need to be disciplined and put a lot of effort to make it happen. But apart from this, you will learn a few basics of website management like SEO learning, social media campaign, the back-end of a website, website design, and many more. Work on content as it is a king in the competition to be a standout.


What is Blog?

It is typically an individual or organization’s thought, idea, opinion, preference expertise on any topic such as tech, food, traveling, manufacturing, politics, and many more, which they can publish through articles or posts or through various quotes.

How I can choose a niche for my new blog?

The best part of blogging is that it can be on anything in which you have an interest and passion, and following your knowledge. It is important that you should enjoy writing your blog and if you do then definitely it is your niche and you will gain expertise over the period of time with continuous up-skilling of your writing skills.

How I can reach a wider audience through my blog?

In the beginning, it requires hard work for new bloggers/writers to reach a wider audience but with a combination of good content and various strategies like SEO. Promotion on various social media platforms or becoming a member of a community and regular news teller for readers will help you to grow over the period of time.

How many monthly blogs do I need to publish?

There isn’t any mandatory number of blog posts required to post every month but based on experience to get notice and reach out to a wider audience anywhere between 12 to 18 blogs per month is recommended. Always aim for quality over quantity to ensure your content is valuable and engaging.

How to monetize my blog?

There are various ways where you can en-cash via blogging such as advertisement, paid promotion, affiliate marketing, selling digital products like e-books, and e-course, or promoting your own service through a niche blog to spread awareness amongst potential customers.

How to promote a blog on social media?

As everything is coming on social media to mark their presence, a blogger who wants to be famous is also coming on various social media. To feel their presence on such a platform they must create a profile and make themselves active on that. Also, they need to share posts, articles, Snippets, teasers, reels, stories, or online interaction with an audience on a regular basis with engaging captions, new content, and appealing visuals.

What is the best free blogging platform or self-hosted platform?

Both are good having their own set of advantages and drawbacks. While free blogging platforms like Blogger, and, will offer you convenience and simplicity, they have limited customization and hence restrict your true growth. Self-hosted platforms, such as, provide more flexibility, customization options, wider reach, and the ability to monetize your blog fully but it is a paid version hence you need to make good content first to realize all benefits that a self-hosted platform can do for you. In the beginning free blogging platform is good but in the long run endeavour, self-hosting is generally recommended.

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