Sample – Admission SOP (UK)

1. Sample – MS in Petroleum Engineering ( LETTER OF MOTIVATION )

Exploring all the aspects and outcomes of science is the key to every new invention and innovation. The course I have opted for will allow me to expand over the horizon to figure out the answers to all the issues mentioned above and come up with a more innovative, hazard-free, and environment-friendly alternative for the betterment of all lives on earth.

From the time of my schooling, I was fascinated by science. The quest for knowledge and extensive learning hiked my grade in the long run. I got to experience the actual field exploration and production method in detail with all the program’s added elements. The collaboration of real-world training methodology and practical applications by private lecturers will be a posh opportunity where I can learn more about world-class standards.

After graduating with my Master’s from the university, I would like to get into the multi-domain of petroleum exploration and generation. I would like to collaborate with the government and oil producers to make the best ecologically productive fuel extraction method.

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