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The craze amongst students to study abroad has increased at an astonishing pace as a result many study destination places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and more are preferred by them. But to study in these countries requires following a due diligence process. During the process, the officer will evaluate students’ profiles on an academic trajectory, passion, and purpose to study instead of the home country, Career goal, and aspiration. The best way for students to convince the visa officer authority is to present a strong Statement of Purpose known as an SOP for their abroad study. The SOP plays a very important role in the entire study visa application. The single document is such powerful that it will make or break officer decision to enter their countries.

Many times students find it difficult to write a proper sop. The below question may arise during the writing of a sop.

1. What do I need to add to SOP?
2. How to justify course selection?
3. What is your current Academic track record?
4. How I can justify my study gap in SOP?
5. How I can add career aspiration in SOP?
6. What is the course value in the Home country?
7. How I Established Home ties and Cultural values?
8. How I can show my fund detail for the program?


We at the writing advisory service know how to answer the above question most elegantly for the study visa process. With years of experience, we mastered writing such detailed information in SOP which helps them to secure their visa for further study. Over the years with sheer effort and closely working with many prospective students, we understand their requirements and expectations and deliver the SOP on time with quality of work that gives the best return to them. To date more than 300s’ sop successfully accomplished students’ dreams to Canada in their choice of study destination which includes Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more.  Our process and working method is well organized and suits all type of students who are looking to study in a variety of domain from Engineering to medicine, From Accounting to MBA, social work to environment specialist, supply chain to Project Management, and more. We have written SOP for all graduate categories like masters, MBA, Operations, Advance Diploma, Diploma, Graduate Certificate programs, and others.

Below are the critical checkpoint needed to check in SOP before applying for a visa

1. Consistency in Language tone
2. Proof Reading
3. Avoid Grammatical error
4. No Plagiarized content
5. Correct information about education, study gap, financial status

By following ethics you can write the best SOP for you and always remember first you need to convince with your sop and till the time you don’t convince with sop, it is always advisable to re-write your statement till it gets perfect.


The onus, of the good statement, gives the best gift in terms of giving you an opportunity to study in your choice of country. The well-written good statement will definitely make you stand out amongst the other applications. The structured format will create a good impression while reviewing the process and it will increase the visa chances. More time spent on drafting the statement will help you cover the key aspect of it like career goal, Purpose of the program and its impact on society, Explanation of rewarding professional career in your home country, and Justifying college and country selection. Thus a good personal statement will balance your aspiration with your -purpose in front of the visa officer and help you to get a visa to study further.


What is Visa SOP?

Many countries like Canada, NZ, and Australia often ask students to submit SOP to measure their credentials as a graduate temporally stays in their countries. Studying Visa Sop is very important in order to get entry into another country. The key component of SOP is study purpose, career objectives, the reason for opting for country and university, academic and professional journey, and willingness to return to the home country.

What should be the length of the Visa SOP?

As such there is no bar on word limit, however normally it ranges between 1200 to 1400 words approx. 2 pages.

Can I copy SOP from the internet or any other source?

Like you are unique, your sop should also be unique which is very specific to your journey. It is highly recommended that sop should not be copied from the internet/ plagiarized content.

What are the rules for a Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

There is no thump rule to write a sop and students can write according to their preferences. However, widely below set of rules can be followed to enhance the chances to get visa approval.

1. SOP length – 2 pages 1200 to 1300 words
2. Text type and height – Times new roman 11 height
3. Page layout – 2” on each side

Are Visa SOP and Admission SOP both are same?

Broadly both are different and require different purpose.

Admission SOP – Usually university committee evaluates your profile on the basis of academic performance, professional experiences, career objectives with a course, and eligibility to study at university assessed. Based on that admission will be granted.

Visa SOP – The county higher rank officer, determined the eligibility, value, and worth you will bring to their country before granting a visa to allow you to enter in their country.

Will I get the visa without writing and submitting SOP?

No, it is mandatory to submit SOP, in case you find it difficult to take expert professional help. Remember before applying for a visa application, you need to evaluate and validate all detail mentioned in SOP.

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